We address women’s health conditions that historically have lacked awareness and advocacy due to unjustified stigma.

Our mission is to change that by offering proven non-prescription products that are supported by unsurpassed science, education and customer care.

The Opportunity

There are currently over 65 million women in the U.S. between the ages of 45 and 80, and 2 million women become menopausal every year; however, this increasingly empowered group of women remains highly underserved.  The majority of options available for our unique health care needs are either prescription products with potentially negative side effects, or unproven and ineffective over-the-counter products.  

There is another way, a better way.

How we are different

Trōphikōs achieves scientific credibility for our products by sourcing the highest quality ingredients, conducting rigorous research and clinical studies, and working closely with prominent health care providers to challenge our assumptions.  We endeavor to rethink and reshape conversations about women’s health topics to further enable women to be advocates for their healthcare. 

Trōphikōs reimagined the cranberry supplement category and pioneered the UTI prevention category with ellura, a medical grade supplement from Europe.  With almost 10 years as the market leader for UTI prevention, we are preparing to launch new products that our thousands of referring health care providers and tens of thousands of customers will love and can trust.